What are the protein sources in your treats?
Honey Cinnamon-Flaxseed Maple Bacon-Flaxseed BBQ- Peanut Butter, Flaxseed, Egg
Can I return or exchange my order?
We do not accept returns or exchanges - but we strive to make sure you are happy. Please reach out to theteam@dreampetco.com and let us know how we can help ensure you are satisfied!
Can I subscribe to receive recurring treats?
Yes! Select "Subscription" from the drop down and add a treat to your cart to receive a recurring delivery. Every Subscribe & Save order is discounted 10%.
Can I order treats as a gift?
Yes! You can send DREAM treats as a gift. You can order an E-Gift card to send to your favorite pup.
Where do you source your ingredients from?
We make all of our treats in the USA. Our manufacturer sources most of our high-quality ingredients from the United States. There are some ingredients not commonly produced in the United States. These specialty ingredients our manufacturer goes to great lengths to find the best options and ensure the supplier meets the standards for quality and environmental responsibility. We do not use ingredients that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.
What is the right serving size for my dog?
Serving size varies based on the size, exercise level, and health condition of your dog. We encourage you to speak with your veterinarian regarding recommended daily servings. Please note that treats should always be used as a snack or reward and never as a meal replacement.