Our Story

D.R.E.A.M. Pet Food (Dogs Rule Everything Around Me) is a hip-hop inspired natural pet food treat.
D.R.E.A.M was founded by two 80’s baby’s who grew up loving hip-hop. While navigating the pet food industry, working with Global brands like Mars Pet Care, as well as National brands such as Nestle, they noticed there was no brand that represented the people and culture they grew up loving.

It was at that moment they decided to create a brand that would not only represent the culture but create an experience for pet owners to enjoy and share with their pets.

The history of hip-hop is a key ingredient to D.R.E.A.M’s vision – hip-hop is not only the most listened to and influential genre of music in the world, but more importantly it provides a voice for an underrepresented group, as hip-hop artists use their music to comment on social and political issues important to them and their culture.

The name itself was inspired by an iconic hook in hip-hop history - D.R.E.A.M will resonate immediately with anyone that knows anything about hip-hop history and culture.